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Shanghai is the largest city in China and located in the central coast of the country. The city has equally grown to become one of the busiest financial hubs in the country and in the world. The globally-famed waterfront promenade, Bund, makes up the center of the city with the waterfront being surrounded by buildings from the colonial era. Cocoon Escort Shanghai is serving sexual pleasure here since more than one decade to make peoples journey in China even more memorable.

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The Huangpu River is one other unique sight in the city and across the river lies the futuristic skyline of the Pudong District, a sight that you will always find to be irresistible. Gazing at the skyline in the evenings with the sun on its way home will prove to be a wonderful experience. You can as well take some pictures of your independent escort Shanghai in front of that beautiful view if you have a camera with you. What about the Shanghai Tower towering 632 meters into the sky or the Oriental Perl TV Tower with its impressive-looking and distinctive pink spheres? These landmarks will make Paris go green with envy.

The Sprawling Yu Garden and its many ponds, towers and pavilions can make for a perfect relaxation spot in the evenings. However, it will be a shame if you have no VIP sex model to spend your time here in Shanghai. Yes, loneliness can take the shine off your vacation or business meetings here in Shanghai. You do not have to bring your girlfriend along; Cocoon Escort is here to hook you up with a sexy escort Shanghai that can make your stay an unforgettable one. Yes, our Chinese and foreign callgirls will prove to be a pleasurable, pleasant handful.    

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We have weathered the weather and paid our dues at Cocoon Escort Shanghai. Yes, we have seen it all and have learned by experience how to serve the interest of our clients perfectly. We have gained experience and honed our expertise over the years. Our decade-long reputation also speaks volumes and testifies to our capability to provide top-notch erotic services that will gladden the heart of our clients. We value our reputation exceedingly and we avoid doing anything that can tarnish our image. Consequently, we maintain high class quality at all times to ensure that our clients are well-served at all times with professional and reliable escort models Shanghai.

Our long-standing escort service gives us a deep understanding of how the industry works in China and taught us a lesson or two about how best to serve our clients.

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The girls working for us are reliable. We have taken the time to instigate each of them and we are 100% certain of their reliability. Yes, we can trust them with our lives and we assure you that you can trust them with yours too. The Shanghai escorts working with us are professionals. The girls always stick to the terms of service and will never put up any unprofessional conduct. Every fabric on our trustworthy prostitutes reeks of professionalism. A trial will convince you of their trustworthiness.

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Do you have any question regarding our services? We are always here to provide that answer that you seek and we will also provide it very fast. Maybe you want to make an inquiry about a particular escort Shanghai on our database. Not to worry; we will provide the answer you seek instantly. Even if the particular girl you seek is not available currently, we will hook you up with another girl as hot as the one you prefer very fast. If you, however, insist on that girl only, we will try to make her available as soon as we can.

Our girls never delay in honoring appointments. They can make themselves available at the agreed location at the right time, irrespective of traffic situation or any such thing. Do you want our girls to visit you at your hotel room or you want them to come home to daddy?  Even if you only need their companionship to a party or business meeting and prefer a public meeting place, these girls will never delay and can present themselves promptly at the meeting point.

Not just good for the bedroom

Our escort Shanghai girls are not just good for the bedroom, but can also take up more professional and learned roles while serving you. They are the best to consider when looking for hookers Shanghai girls, but there is more to them than just sex. It may surprise you to know that many of them are university undergraduates. In fact, many of them have graduated from universities. We equally have college graduates among them. This is an indication that our girls are highly informed and exposed. It will surprise you to realize how much our Shanghai escort models know about world history and other hot topics in the political and business worlds. As a result, they can act as the perfect companion any time and any day. They can equally communicate with you intelligently on virtually any topic of discussion.

Consequent of their top-level intelligence, our high-class escort Shanghai ladies can act as your secretary or companion to those top-class dinner parties, business meetings and so on. Do you need a decoy secretary or personal assistant? Not to worry; our girls are intelligent enough to take up any role whatsoever.

Top-line customer service

We always hold our customers in high esteem at Cocoon Escort. As a result, we always deliver top quality services at all times. For one, we have listed all our contact details on our website so that you can get in touch with us effortlessly and also hook up with any of the escort Shanghai girls on our database without much ado.

We have provided several means of contact on our website and we never delay in replaying any of your messages. You can get in touch with us by filling the request form on our website. You can equally send us an email if you so desire. If you feel those contact means will take too long to get a replay, you can simply give us a call and we will be waiting patiently on the other end to provide the answers you seek. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and instant way to connect with our professional customer care agents at Cocoon Escort, you can contact us via the Live Chat link on our website. Whichever method you choose, be rest assured that we will never delay in replying you because we value our partnership with you exceedingly. Lest I forget, we have also listed our brick and mortar address on our website. Consequently, you can visit us at our office and meet with our professional members of staff, who are ever waiting to serve your interest and provide you with reliable escort Shanghai girls. Do you need more than a VIP escort Shanghai? Not to worry, we can provide you as many girls as you need at Cocoon.

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Our website is very easy to navigate. All the details you need are always available at your fingertips. You can learn about us on the website and also get to see the list of the girls we have on our database. We have different categories of Shanghai callgirls here at Cocoon Escort Agency with each of them capable of serving you tremendously.

Do you need an incall escort Shanghai? We are here to meet your needs. If you prefer younger girls, we are also capable of serving your interest. You can equally trust us for teen escorts Shanghai if you have a thing for horny schoolgirls or teenagers.

The escort Shanghai girls working for us are from different countries and races. If you need a white-skinned Western hooker, an oriental whore or even an ebony black beauty, we have got your back at all times and can meet your needs. Many of our European escorts Shanghai have been in this industry for years and have honed their expertise over the years, which make them the perfect companion for pleasure.

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