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Milan is a very popular city in Italy.  The city is located in the northern Lombardy region of the country and it stands out as the capital of design and fashion in the world.  The many shops and restaurants located here make the city too stand out exceptionally.  It is also the home to the Italian stock exchange. The city is both charming and attractive.  It has a unique vibe about it that enables a complete balancing of both history and old-world romance. The cosmopolitanism and urban grit make the city to stand out.  The city is equally surrounded by several central Europe’s most beautiful countryside.  The food is great and the architecture is top-notch.  In the remaining part of this write-up, we will open your eyes to many of the features that make this city to stand out.

Adequately touristic

There are so many artistic displays in Milan.  The city is touristic, but it is not as touristic as Florence, Rome or Venice. Even at that, the city has several tourist hotspots.  There is a unique Italian feel about the city.  Everyone is welcome here, including strangers. In fact, you will not be disturbed by anyone as you roam about the city.  The architectural beauty of the city is also top-notch. The modern status and illustrious history make the city one of the best places to be in this city.  There is an abundance of some of the finest architectures in the city, same for the abundance of beautiful buildings. The city also has its fair share of architects.  Many of the architectural edifices in this city date as far back as the medieval Siena or Bologna.  The architecture in this city is exemplary.

You can equally check out Chiesa Santa Maria Della Grazie, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site also exemplifies the Milanese Renaissance splendour, which is one of the many features that make the city to stand out.

Masterpiece of art

Many of the significant art movements in Europe can be found in Milan.  You can find several 14th-century Gothic arts by the Visconti family in this city.  You can equally find several Futurism dating as far back as the 20th century here.  The many art galleries and museum in the city also makes it one of the best places to visit if you are in love with the arts.  Leonardo da Vinci’s popular Renaissance painting can be found in one of the art galleries here.  The works of other professional artists are also available here, including Lucio Fontana and Umberto Boccioni.

Consider sampling the traditional Milanese cuisine

While in this city, never also forget to taste the Milanese cuisine, the foods in this city are some of the things that bring so many tourists down to Milan. The city is well supplied with rice and meat, among several other great foods. Do not also forget to taste any of the Milanese signature dishes, like the traditional Christmas loaf called panettone, Cotoletta all Milanese called breaded veal cutlet and Risotto called saffron risotto.       

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