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Limassol is one of the most historical cities in Cyprus. It is also considered as the southernmost city in Europe. It is equally one of the most popular tourist destinations in this country. A visit to this city will give you the opportunity to appreciate the simple pleasure that Mediterranian life has to offer. The clean sandy beaches are attractive and the friendly climate is even further calmed by the Troodos Mountains, located at the northern part of the city. If you get bored with the life of ease around you in the city, you can indulge yourself at any of the friendly taverns where you can get various brands of fabulous local wine.

Wine and olive oil are made in this city the traditional way. A visit to Limassol will also give you the rare opportunity to see ancient cities and medieval ruins. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will look into some of the many features that make this city to stand to among other tourist sites in Europe.


Kourion is an archaeological park dating as far back as 6000 years ago. There are so many aspects of human history discovered here and this site has been marked as a UNESCO-protected archaeology park. You will find it lying to the western part of Limassol. This ancient city had its heyday during the Roman era and some of the writings of Ptolemy and Pliny the Elder were focused on this ancient city. Most of the terracing of the theatre is still intact and you can see vivid mosaics on the House and baths of Eustolio. The city embraced Christianity at a later part of its history and you can have a look at the seat of the bishop, also called the Episcopal Precinct. Two basilicas were also erected here dating as far back as the 400s and 500s.


There is more to molos than just promenade. The eye-catching parks are one place you do not want to miss when you visit this city. It stretches from the zoo to the Old Port and it is just the perfect place to fellowship with nature in all its beauty. Molos is supposed to be a seaside walk, but that seaside walk has been transformed into an art-form and a playground for all. The endless stretch of palm trees, the inviting benches, and the cafes make this place to stand out and the perfect place to make new friends while in this city.

The sculptures and the lawns, as well as, the water features all work together to turn this place to a pleasure garden for all. Many of the locals make this place their home on Sundays and you can find many small groups and families strolling along this area. You can equally rent a bike for some hours and take a bicycle ride along the strip. You will undoubtedly enjoy every second you spend here and get good value for your money when you visit this city.

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