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Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol, a state in the western part of Austria. The city is located in the Alps and has become one of the most visited in all the cities in Europe by tourists from across the globe. Many winter sports take place here and have given the city a place on the world map and one of the choicest cities to visit during the winter months. The modern and imperial architecture to be found in this city are also noteworthy and have attracted visitors from across the globe. Continue reading to learn about one of two other features that make this city to stand out as a tourist center.

A beautiful city with so much to offer

Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire Austria. It is located on the bank of River Inn, which is what earns it its name. The ski resort of Winter Sports makes the city famous. The city is equally noteworthy for its famous ski jump Berfisel and various kinds of alpine sports. This city was twice selected for Winter Olympic Games in 1976 and 1964.

The city has several important points of attraction; one of them being the “building with a golden roof” also called Goldenes Dachl. This building was erected by Emperor Maximilian in the year 1500. The balcony of the building was covered with gilded tiles made of copper. It is currently used as a museum and you can learn a lot about the city and the life of the Emperor by visiting this museum. You can equally see the city in all its beauty lying under your feet from the famous copper-tiled balcony.

 The medieval City Hall tower is yet another site worthy of note in this city. The tower is 148 inches tall and you can only ascend to the summit by climbing the stairs since there is no elevator. The Helbling building is yet another place of interest in this city. The building also acts as a summer house and has been in existence since the Baroque periods, which is sometimes in the 15th century. The building got its name from Sebastian Helbling, who was the owner of the eponymous restaurant founded in the 19th century.

Never forget to also visit the St. Jacob cathedral in the city; the cathedral was established in the 18th century and located at Domplatz. The clock sounds by 12:12 every day.

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