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World War 2 effected many countries and Germany was one of them. The city which faced the most casualties and destruction was Dresden. However, if you are going to visit the city today, you will see a completely different story. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Germany. The city of Dresden, sprawled out over the banks of the Elbe, rarely fails to impress. Rebuilt following the destruction of WWII, it now rises as one of Germany‘s finest. Due to the rise in the number of recipients, the government has started to invest a lot in the architecture, hotels, adult entertainment places and several leisure activities. Business meetings, spending vacations or even if you are just looking for a relaxation with Germany’s finest escorts, Dresden has got you covered. Our agency Cocoon will provide an Escort Dresden of your taste to make your stay here worthwhile. Dresden has risen from its ashes and bears few scars from its late 20th-century trauma. Palaces preserved, gardens bloom, and the magnificently restored Frauenkirche again stands out above the skyline. With its wealth of artefacts and jewels, the museums, palaces, and other tourist attractions, there are plenty of things to do in Dresden. You just need a good paid-sex date like a GFE Escort Dresden, which will be provided by our agency to enjoy the beauty of this city and have an amazing sex experience with your private VIP callgirl.

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Dresden is also called “Florence at the Elbe” because of its ideal location on the banks of the river, the city’s Biergartens, its excellent examples of Boroque architecture and the best museums in the world. If you are into the World War II’s history and the landmarks which was completely destroyed in it, then this city has so much to offer. Dresden is an art itself and you can’t walk pass by a single historic building without admiring its beauty and the incredible work of the architects. Hiring a young escort girl will be beneficial for you, because being a local; she will guide you about the best places to go according to your interests and will be accompanying you if you want her to. From romantic sightseeing to amazing dinner dates in the luxury restaurants, she would know where to take you for you to have a good time with her. Because we all know one thing for a fact, treating bad girls the right way will get your dick sucked in a great way. Although Dresden was destroyed in the World War II in a way you can’t imagine, but now the landmarks have been built to their former state. The good thing for you and your Escort Dresden, the added benefit for tourists, most of the city’s famous attraction places are all within walking distance from Dresden’s Altstadt or Old Town.

All the places you can visit with our Escort Girls

Dresden is the home to all sorts of amazing places. You need all the time in the world to tick all the places you are going to visit in Dresden. There are invaluable gold treasures, paintings by Renaissance masters, oriental porcelain, classical sculpture, ceremonial weapons and more than you could ever squeeze into one trip. Hiring an Escort Dresden from a best-recommended agency like Cocoon would help you make your trip easy and relaxing, the local escort girls would know the places of your taste and will guide you through your whole trip.

Crested by one of Europe’s largest church domes, the majestic Frauenkirche would demand your attention on Neumarkt. The church was completed in 1743 and the architect who designed it was George Bahr. This church was completely destroyed in 1945 and its rubble was left in Neumarkt as a war memorial, but it was eventually moved to storage in the 1980s to prepare for a future reconstruction. The construction began in 1994 and was completed in 2005 with the preserved material, the 3,500 individual stones. The new cross was forged in London as a gesture of goodwill and the damaged former cross was placed on the right of the church’s new altar. If you can only visit one place in Dresden, then you should definitely go and check the Frauenkirche with your erotic paid date. The vast interior is spectacular and you can’t stop looking at it. Take an elevator to the dome the amazing view of the city and you can even listen to one of the more than 100 concerts performed here each year with your Escort Dresden.

The Dresden Royal Palace and Museum is one of Europe’s richest and oldest public museum, the Dresden State Art Collection, inside the Dresden Royal Palace is one of its most modern in terms of displaying its treasures for visitors. The labeling and details of the Priceless art, opulent court clothing, intricate needlework, and even Augustus the Strong’s personal garden tools are all in English. All the dazzling collections from the fabled Green Vault are in non-reflective glass which helps you to admire and take pictures of the art from every angle. The original Green Vault, largely destroyed with the rest of the palace in World War II, has been reconstructed to house parts of the collection in their original settings. Your OWO escort lady will be accompanying you in your trip to the palace and will enjoy the history and masterpieces of jewels from 14th century. The incredible collection includes the masterpieces of gold, silver, and jewelry which takes you back to the 14th to 18th centuries.

The “Balcony of Europe”. No trip to Dresden is complete without a stroll along Brühl’s Terrace, or Brühlsche Terrasse. This area on the site of the old city ramparts was laid out in 1738 as a private garden. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Dresden where you should be going with your Escort Dresden. The sculptured groups on the staircase represent morning, noon, evening, and night, and the Dolphin Fountain is the only part left of the original garden. Below, the Terrassenufer on the banks of the Elbe is the main landing stage for cruise boats.

Foodie delights for you and your Escort Dresden

Dresden has a great selection of foodie delights for all budgets. For those of us with dietary restrictions, traveling can be a little stressful, but the Dresden food scene has options for everyone. Exploring the restaurants of Dresden with your local escort girl can give you the opportunity to appreciate local art and architecture, as well as wine and beer from the surrounding Saxon area.

Brühlscher Garten is a beautiful restaurant in the heart of the Old Town. Serving the basic German and regional cuisine either in the restaurant or on the magnificent terrace. You and paid-sex date the Escort Dresden can take in the views of historic Dresden.

Genuss-Atelier has gourmet food, beautiful location and amazing service. It is known for presenting a culinary experience with unusual elements like edible flowers, dishes garnished with flavorful foam and an innovative approach to dining worthy of a gourmet restaurant with your girlfriend experienced escort model.

After walking and sightseeing, with your Escort Dresden you should head to this comfortable looking corner restaurant, edelweiss – Alpenrestaurant with your Escort Dresden because this place is immaculate. The staff is very friendly and can speak English. It is a Swiss Alps style restaurant. The German beer is very good plus the food is delicious. A bit costly, but definitely worth the euros. The inside of the place is very attractive and romantic.

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