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Cologne is an ancient city, one of the most ancient cities in Germany. The city is about 2000 years old. It is located in the western part of Germany and spans the Rhine River. The cultural background of this great city is still noticeable thousands of years after its creation. The Haig Ghotic architecture in the city gives evidence to a luxurious past. Many parts of the old town have been constructed and Cologne has now become a mix of contemporary and ancient architecture. The twin-spired Cologne cathedral is one of the most interesting sights in this beautiful city; the cathedral is popular for its gilded medieval reliquary; the sweeping river view here also gives every visitor an opportunity to fellowship with nature. What about the Museum Ludwig located adjacent to the cathedral? It is equally another worthy sight in Cologne. The museum showcases several artworks belonging to the 20th-century era. You can find several art masterpieces here, like the works of Picasso. Never forget to also visit the Romano-Germanic Museum, which houses numerous Roman antiquities.

Lest we forget, the Cologne Cathedral is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and it has held the reliquary of the Three Kings since 1164. The Wallraf-Richartz Museum is yet another unique place worthy of a visit. This museum was founded in 1824 and has remained imposing since then to date. About 70 years ago, up to three-quarters of the city was affected by the Second World War. Despite this, the city still glows giving the impression that everything about the war has been forgotten.

While in the city, never forget to also check the Heinselmannchenbrunnen, a popular fountain built in 1899. Grooβ St. Martin is one other building in the city that will keep you wondering and pondering. The building was erected in the 12th century and the Rhenish monument can be traced to the Roman Empire. It was hit during the war but has been reconstructed. The reconstruction extended as far as the 1980s with its interior bearing the evidence of Romanesque place of worship

One other place that you must not pass on while in this city is St. Maria im Kapitol, it is the largest of all the surviving Romanesque churches and it was erected in the 11th century. The church is designed like the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. The door at the main entrance was made in 1046 and it is still in very good condition.

Never forget to visit the botanical garden while here in Cologne. It is located close to the zoo and it covers 11.5 hectares of land filled with greenhouses, individual gardens, and a sprawling lawn as far as the eyes can see. This garden was built in the 1860s.

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