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Casablanca is a city of diversity, full of history and magnificent architecture, a city that is much underrated but which has so much to offer when trying to understand Morocco. For exploring this magnificent city, you need a tour guide who can take you to places and guide you about the things in Casablanca. It would be great if a person could get the adventure in this city and also the pleasure at the same time. So what better way to do it with an Escort Casablanca, which our erotic massage agency Cocoon Escort will be providing you to take good care of you while you are in this oriental city? Start your discovery with the second largest mosque in the world, the magnificent Hassan II mosque. Stroll along the Cornishe with your Escort Casablanca and watch the ocean, explore the city on foot and take in the beauty of the stained glass in the Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral. Before visiting Casablanca, I would suggest that you should learn a few words of Moroccan Arabic or French. The local people here will not understand you if you use any other language then these two. Most Shop owners and taxi drivers in Casablanca only speak these two languages while the younger generation is starting to learn English. So learning few words Moroccan Arabic will definitely help you in getting along with the locals and will definitely make your paid-sex dates with our Casablanca escort girls, more interesting.

We would recommend that you should get your hands on the Lonely Planet Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook. It has all the essential words and phrases which you will be needing on your trip to Morocco and will help you in all the kinds of situation, from ordering food, to finding a hotel or getting laid by your Arab hooker or even in joining the local festivities. This book covers everything. Casablanca is huge! It is the biggest city in Morocco. It is also one of the largest and most important cities in Africa, both economically and demographically. According to a population estimate from 2014 – 2015, the city has a population of about 3.35 million in the urban area and over 6.8 million in the suburbs.

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Things to do in Casablanca with our Moroccan Callgirls

Ain Diab is the place “where rich come to swim.” A luxury place which is only a short distance from downtown Casablanca. It’s a mixture of old and modern hotels. The water of this large sandy beach is too cold for the rest of the year to swim but in summers it gets too crowded but you can take a dip with your Escort Casablanca. There are not much activities you can do in the daytime, you can only lay in the sun and get a tan or you could just jump in the water. The real deal starts at night when all the party animals, all local clubs, and discos come alive. You won’t be getting much alcohol because only few serve them. This is the place where you could bring our party escort girls Casablanca and can enjoy the full night in a good atmosphere.

If you want to visit different places in Casablanca with our busty escort ladies, then Casa Tramway is the best option for you to go around the city in air-conditioned splendor. The Tramway started operations in 2014 and it has 48 stations, or stops, along its 31-mile-long line. It connects Sidi Moumen on the east side with Ain Diab and the university district. Trams are low, easy to get on and off, and tinted windows and air conditioning make them very comfortable. The tickets are cheap, so you can ask your local escort lady or you can even ask at your hotel where you can get them and where is the closest stop to you.

La Corniche is Casablanca’s beach neighborhood, it’s a place with a view which you could enjoy with your Escort Casablanca, stretching for a few miles along the ocean. The heart of this place is Corniche Boulevard, which has a very Mediterranean look with beautiful palm trees and the beach on one side and a whole line of shops, cafes, bars, and fast food restaurants on the other.

Fancier hotels are located further along the coast, on the Boulevard de l’Ocean Atlantique. La Corniche is a nice area to stroll with your cheap erotic date along and watch the ocean pounding the sand, have a jog or sit in one of the many outside cafes and watch the world pass by.

Tourists are always looking for bargains or trying local delicacies since everything is fresh and cooked in front of you. You can also see what grows in the area and what swims in the sea, it is all lined up in front of you with thousands of colors, smells and textures. Sounds for a good Instagram picture with your Moroccan Escort Casablanca right?

Restaurants for local delicacies to try with your Arabic Escort Casablanca

Travelling to a new place means new local food and amazing delicacies to try on with your Escort Casablanca. Casablanca is a multi-cultural city and loves diversity, and while many of the restaurants serve a menu consisting of only Moroccan or French delicacies, it also features Oriental, Mexican, Italian, Indian and American-style eateries.

You should look out for Mechoui, a dish made of paprika and cumin-seasoned roasted lamb, or Bisteeya, a chicken and eggs pastry wrapped up in a lemony and onion sauce, topped with crushed almonds, cinnamon and sugar.

Don Camillo is a very cozy restaurant which can be found at Rue Abou Rakrak in the centre of Casablanca. The perfect place for a date with your Escort Casablanca. You can choose between various Spanish dishes from the delicious menu accompanied by an attentively selected wine list.

Basmane is another good restaurant where you can take your female escorts for a dinner. It is located at Hotel Club Val d’Anfa. You can try different dishes here like meat skewers and Moroccan pastries.

If you are a steak lover and really want to try some juicy steak then At L’Entrecôte café de Paris is your place to get the best steaks and desserts. Here you can also try their well-renowned sauce “Café de Paris”, made from butter and spices, which goes wonderfully with meat fares.

Travelling to Morocco is like travelling into the past, through vast desert, mountain and coastal areas rich in history, full of stories and amazing people. To see the best the country has to offer, to visit undiscovered spots and to have an experience that will last you a lifetime, you need a partner with you who can take care of your sexual desires and everything you need to know about the local places. Cocoon Agency will be providing the hottest VIP Escort Casablanca, which will make your trip memorable

Places to stay for you and your high class sex model

Casablanca is Morocco’s centre of style and wealth, and its port is one of the largest on the African continent. The main beach area can be found just few minutes from the heart of the city and boasts an excellent range of luxurious hotels and resorts to choose from for a peaceful stay with your Escort Casablanca.

Villa Diyafa has an intimate atmosphere with luxury services. They provide guests with a warm welcome. It has ten spacious suites and only one villa to choose from, this establishment has a truly exclusive feel with the traditional Hammam and has a big range of relaxing spa treatments. You can relax with your high class Escort Casablanca in a spa or just have a romantic dinner in garef pergola.

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca is one of the most famous hotels of Casablanca. It is located in the heart of Casablanca and features a luxurious spa centre and fitness centre. Guests are treated to full use of the outdoor pool and hammam, while having a meal at the restaurant followed by a drink at the bar are experiences that should not be missed. Each of the spacious guestrooms at this five star hotel is air conditioned and fitted with a large flat-screen TV. You would not want to miss the opportunity to unwind with a cup of coffee while gazing out at the ocean or garden. Special themed dining evenings are also arranged for food lovers to take part in so if you are foodie and you want to impress your outcall Escort Casablanca then this is your place.

Casablanca has so many luxury hotels to choose from. But these hotels will not be giving you the best time of your life if you are alone. You can keep yourself busy throughout the day by visiting places and try new dishes but when you come back to your hotel room, you would want an A-Level whore laying in your bed, which could be possible if you reach out to our agency Cocoon Escort Service and we will take over the wheel to drive you crazy with pleasure.