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They say if you want to see the actual heaven on Earth then you need to visit Switzerland once in your lifetime. Yes, you surely do but with an Escort Bern to make it heavenly. It is very tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland. Switzerland is a small, steep country, and it is much more up and down than sideways, all filled with large brown hotels built on the cuckoo style of architecture (The Cuckoo Clock).

Escort Bern

The capital city Bern, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world when it comes to architecture and history. From the Italian architecture of palm-studded Ticino to the Swiss-German and Latin-derived Romansch dialects, Bern can sometimes feel like several countries in one. If you visit Bern for the first time, you’ll be stunned to see the beauty of its setting. The three sides of this city is surrounded by the Aare flowing through a valley. The High-level bridges are linking the city with the high ground and with the newer parts of the city. Every place in this city, the houses, shops, the street level arcades and the projecting roofs, each and everything reflects the prosperity of the citizens of Bern from the 17th and 18th centuries. According to UNESCO this city is a World Heritage Site. The culture of Bern is very rich with all the events happens throughout the year, such as the Summer and Winter Jazz Festivals. Gurten Festival, and the Buskers Festival. There are number of museums and you can also enjoy the street-side sightseeing, and while you are at it, don’t miss the medieval clock tower with moving puppets. It would be a pity to travel this romantic city on your own. Imagine seeing one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you have no one by your side to make memories with. Pretty boring right? However, don’t worry because our agency Cocoon Escort Bern can take care of this problem of yours. Now you can hire sexy escort girls through our agency to accompany you in this city and keep you interested to try and visit all the amazing places in this city like a luxurious paid-sex date.

Places you need to visit with your Escort Bern

The Old Town of Bern is the most beautiful place you could ever see. The streets are cobbled and bordered by covered, arcade sidewalks that snake on for miles. There is a whole market on the lower level of the buildings, like shops, cafes. Restaurants and the upper level are the apartments. This old area is one of the main tourist attraction because it has all the things to do and entertaining places, and this place also connects all the bridges across the Aare where the public fountains, old statues, towers, and the famous Clock Tower is located. You can just walk around on the streets for several days without getting bored. Alternatively, if you do get bored you have our agency Cocoon Escort Service and your private high class prostitute to make your trip interesting.

The next place is your thing if you are into arts and history. The Einstein Museum and the Historical Museum of Bern, which is based on the 15th century castle. The Historical Museum of Bern combines with the Einstein Museum is the second largest museum in the whole of Switzerland. Objects from Alpine Stone Age burials are really impressive. The Einstein Museum focused on the life of the scientist, they explain everything, how he lived, the life he had, through his letters, old films, original objects and even the 1921 Nobel Prize certificate is also on display. The museum is located Helvetiaplatz just across the Aare from the Old Town. This city is an amazing art itself and this is your place if you are an art lover. You are with your hot Escort Bern and you want to take the blonde Swiss hooker to a romantic and peaceful place then the next place is the place you should definitely go. The Rose Garden is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in Bern with impressive views of the city. It is a large open area sitting on a hill slope just across the river from the center of town. Originally a cemetery (1765-1877), the area became a public park in 1913.

Restaurants & Dishes in the city

You are with your hot and young escort girl in a beautiful city so why not take her for a brunch, party, or maybe on a dinner date? Let us tell you some of the good places for food with amazing ambiance and view which you can enjoy with your Swiss A-Level callgirl. The first place to visit should be Merdiano. The decent restaurant with its breathtaking view and stunning terrace is absolutely the place to eat in Bern. The food is modern and sophisticated, totally flavored and intense, and made with top-quality the local Swiss ingredients. The next place to go with your Escort Bern is Milles Sens – Les Goûts du Monde. If you are looking for a lively, modern interior restaurant, this minimalist-style establishment is for you. At midday there is also an interesting business lunch menu. The candle light dinner at Gurtner’s restaurant which is located at the Bern’s local mountain. It is the ultimate romantic spot with an amazing view to enjoy with your big tits Escort women. What makes this candle light dinner unique is that you are bound to share your plates with your partner. And after this romantic dinner the strolling in the moonlight with your working girl is the perfect ending to the evening.

Hotels to stay in with your Escort Bern for better experience

The best area to stay in Bern is the Altstadt, the Old City, this is the place where you’ll find most of Bern’s sights and loveliest architecture. However, if you stay here expect to pay a fair premium for accommodation because this area is not cheap as tourist die to live in the place where they could have an amazing view an easy access to the whole city. But one thing is for sure, if you are living in a good hotel, that means you just added cherry on the top to your vacations. The whores you will be calling to your room through our verified escort agency digs that. And we all know what happens if Escort Bern like the room and a good ambiance. This turns them on to a level and you my friend will definitely be getting the best action of your life. The Bellevue Palace is a hotel which offers everything you and your Escort Bern would expect from a palace turned five star hotel. huge rooms with marble bathrooms, elegant but richly decorated public spaces, stunning views. Hotel Schweizerhof is the next best place which is truly luxurious and effortlessly blends old with new. Boasting a top location, has a great spa and exquisite restaurant, you really can’t go wrong staying here or spending a night with your hotel outcall escort girl.

How the Swiss Callgirls will help you?

Here is what you need to expect from this adult companion the Escort Bern of yours, if you are spending a day with the sex girl. These nasty escort models will be with you all day and help you out in making your day better. From choosing a place for lunch to which movie you guys should watch together. They will do anything you ask them to do. They can do roleplays for you and will play as your girlfriend experienced escort for the whole day. At night when you get tired and want to head back to your hotel, your 24 hours escort can entertain you in your hotel room by being your personal hooker and a stripper. You can even take hot bath with your Swiss callgirl and she can even give you a nice full body massage if you ask her to do so. Imagine laying all oiled up and letting your busty escort Bern take charge of your body by laying on top of you. Skin to Skin. Rubbing her body with yours while giving you a nice massage and the slowly sliding that dick of yours inside her and she starts moving her body in a rhythm on top of you. All you need to do is ask and then let the girl drives you crazy.

Working with Cocoon Escort Bern

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