Coronavirus Prostitution Impact

Coronavirus Prostitution Impact

The Coronavirus Prostitution Impact 2020

As with every other business, the prostitution and sex work industry is also taking hit with the current situation at hand. We at Cocoon Escort want to make sure that we play our rightful role in mitigation as well as spread awareness about how the virus functions and spreads what you can do to prevent this and debunk myths associated with the topic.

It is no secret that coronavirus prostitution impact has been undercutting business. Brothels all over the world stay empty as clients have rightfully chosen to be pre-emptive. Since the virus primarily vectors through physical contact, an intimate service like prostitution is a prime area to be concerned about. Callgirls and other independent sex workers are understandably anxious about the situation as well, since this also means that they will see a drastic decline in income. Escort Models who are experiencing symptoms such as fever, fatigue, coughing or irritation in the throat have also been advised not to come in to work or see any clients. However, with the disease at hand, it can be difficult to verify whether one has contracted it or not, since there is an incubation period of up to 14 days in which the person may not feel any symptoms. Coronavirus prostitution impact is especially greater due to this reason, as one can never be sure about whether they can make safe contact with a person or not. This factor works both ways, with clients and escort ladies alike.

With the condition being what it is, one can never be too careful. It is infected people without symptoms that are the driving force in the spreading of the disease. With that being the case, the best course of action is to limit social contact – social distancing – as well as frequent and effective sanitation.

How deadly does Coronavirus affect the Escort Business?

Patients of the novel coronavirus have reported a range of symptoms that vary in severity. From breathing problems and decreased lung function to cases of pneumonia, buildup of fluid in the lungs and kidney failure. COVID-19 spreads very easily as it is highly contagious and also has initial symptoms similar to the common cold. Transmission and fatality is also more common in people of higher age groups. These factors coupled make the coronavirus prostitution impact more threatening to patrons as well as escort girls. It is not that the likelihood will increase since precautionary measures are being taken to limit infection. It is the fact that if infected, the virus can cause permanent damage to victims. Cocoon Escort wants to make it a priority to protect our loyal and valued customers and would advise them to be responsible and limit their overall human contact.

On average, 2 percent of cases have proved to be fatal. Apart from that, there is not yet any known cure (as of March 2020) and the only treatment is patient care. The exact severity of the illness varies from patient’s overall health, age, degree of infection and their regional healthcare standard. Different regions may vary with coronavirus prostitution impact. However, overall industry activity has, understandably, declined. This doesn’t just apply to the sex and Escort industry. Most institutions have seen a decline in business such as tourism, transport, recreational and overall workforce productivity.

Chances of a person who contracts this disease are overall at a low. There is no need to go hysterical if you find out you have it. If your general health is in good order and you receive timely medical care you chances of recovery are easily 99 percent. However, you will have to diminish physical contact to none at all as you would be a known transmitter of the disease. The only way to keep your loved ones as well as others safe is to remain in quarantine until complete recovery.

What are the concerns with Escorts and their Clients?

Viruses are very different from infections. Infections are caused by bacteria and are usually only transmitted through physical contact. They can be fought with antibiotics and if handled responsibly, have a low chance of mutating into something stronger. Viruses, on the other hand, are nothing like bacteria. They are much smaller and their only goal is to spread and reproduce with a host, destroying it in the process. Viruses cannot be dealt with by the use antibiotics. This is a huge factor in coronavirus prostitution impact. With a virus, developing a vaccine is the only sure shot cure. Vaccines are different from antibiotics in their chemical makeup which is why it is generally more difficult to produce them. Most antibiotic compounds can be found in nature (e.g. penicillin) but with the case of vaccines, scientists first need a weakened form of the virus itself, then figure out a way to get the body to produce anti-bodies to fight that specific virus. Of course, the process is much more complicated. This is just an oversimplified overview.

What further increases the threat in coronavirus prostitution impact is that if the virus mutates (which is fairly typical of viruses) then the vaccine is rendered useless and doctors would have to develop a whole new vaccine to fight that specific strain of diseases. With there not being any vaccine currently available in the market anyway, there is also a chance of a person re-contracting the illness, after once already healing from it. With lung functioning already being affected with the initial illness, re-contraction can quite likely prove fatal a second time.

The best way to mitigate coronavirus prostitution impact is to limit the spread in the first place rather than wait for it to happen to you. It is not only a matter of one’s own safety, but we must also consider that every other person who gets the disease will further put load on an already overwhelmed health care infrastructure. Cocoon Escort can only provide you with the requisite information. Ultimately, reducing the number of cases is in each and everyone’s own hands. The best pre-emptive measure is to be informed, prepared and most of all, remain calm

Myths associated with COVID-19

With many things that cause mass hysteria, people like to create myths based on their own beliefs and understandings. More often than naught, these myths end up causing more harm than good. With a situation as sensitive as the one at hand, it is most important to address and debunk such myths and also make ourselves aware with what really matters and align our beliefs with reality. If not for your own, then at least to reduce harm caused to others. Times like this are when one should be least selfish and work as a unit.

This article from Cocoon Escort Agency aims to spread awareness about the coronavirus prostitution impact as a measure of harm reduction and spread limitation. We also encourage you to do your own research with legitimate and credible sources but with the help of this article, most of your concerns will be addressed. Here are a few dos and don’ts that everyone should keep in mind. These will be covering the basics as well as some of the advanced things that you should know and practice on a daily basis in order to stay safe.

First and foremost is social distancing. This is the key factor in slowing the spread of the disease and hence reducing the coronavirus prostitution impact. By minimizing contact between potentially infected individuals you can stop yourself from becoming a vector of the disease. This means you should, at all times, maintain a distance of 2 meters (6.5 feet) from any person whom you don’t know and may be infected. This also means you should avoid shaking hands with others.

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, if you feel any symptoms of cold or flu, even if it may not be the coronavirus, you should self-isolate for at least 14 days. You should also limit any unnecessary contact with all other persons. At risk groups, such as your family and anyone else coming into regular contact with you should also stay away from others since they could potentially have the virus on them, even if they are not infected yet.

How you can protect yourself and others from coronavirus as well as reduce coronavirus prostitution impact


  • Wash and rinse your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or your elbow (avoid using your hand to shield as this would counteractively cause more contact with the virus)
  • Properly dispose all tissues and used cloths. Wash your hands after doing so
  • Properly clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touches (such as doorknobs and handles)
  • Avoid close contact with strangers.
  • Avoid crowded spaces such as shopping centers and other public forums
  • Avoid non-essential travel especially to other countries with high risk
  • If you are sick stay at home


  • Don’t touch any part of your face, especially eyes, nose and mouth without sanitizing your hands first.
  • Don’t share objects with others that come in contact with your mouth such as water bottles and drinking cups

Only by working together can we strive to reduce the coronavirus prostitution impact.

Keeping your hands clean is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you. Make sure you do so after coughing or sneezing, before and after eating, preparing food, after coming into contact with anyone, after using public transport, after arriving at home or at work, after touching any animals, before having a cigarette and always after using the toilet.

General care of your hands is also recommended by health experts. Keeping them moisturized with any product that is not scented or artificially colored is also a good step. Using gloves can prove to be ineffective since gloves will pick up germs the same way your hands do. You will eventually come into contact with them while taking them off. Constant care is the only way to overcome the coronavirus prostitution impact.

Face masks have become increasingly common but they are unlikely to benefit those who are not already in contact with the virus. Only if you are already sick should you opt to wear a mask. An important point to note while doing so is to keep the green side or the filter side facing you as that is what prevents infected air from going into the environment.

Travel and Coronavirus Prostitution Impact

Travelling has proved to be the biggest contributor to the coronavirus prostitution impact. We at Cocoon Escort Service understand the need to travel as we see many business clients who are always on the move. However, the only way the virus can get around the world so fast is to hitch a ride on board their infected hosts, who may not have any idea they have even come in contact with the novel disease. These people then go into public and cause majority of the spreading into completely new, uncharted territory the illness hasn’t been before.

Due to this reason, people who have to travel often are high risk individuals and need to take extra precautions as to not become a contributor to the coronavirus prostitution impact. The most ideal thing for such individuals to do is to impose a self-quarantine of 14 days after arriving back home from their travel even if they do not show any symptoms whatsoever. The same goes for their families.

If you do, however, show symptoms then you would need to self-isolate which means not come into contact with any individual and immediately contact your local health authority. It is then your General Physician’s duty to appropriately assess your case and have you tested.

Efforts such as these are the only way to stray a situation such as the coronavirus prostitution impact. We at Cocoon Escort sincerely hope that you will take these facts into consideration and help to make a safer and healthier environment for you as well as your loved ones. Self-care is the only way to go about it.